Business Debt Assistance
With our expertise in debt restruccturing and consolidating debts, company payables can be prioritized, and arrangements agreed upon with the holder of that corporate debt.
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Start contributing to your retirement
Now is a great time to start contributing to your retirement accounts, making your portfolio more tax-efficient, or protecting your financial legacy.
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If you are looking at filling for bankruptcy, contact us to help you gather facts before making a final decision.
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Debt Restructuring
Debt restructuring is NOT bankruptcy, it is rebuilding your loan to reduce payments and reduce the debt itself.
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Student Loan Settlement
It's no secret that everyone who obtains any educational loan has to reimburse the loans. However, sometimes that loan ca be settled.
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Mortgage Restructuring
Mortgage restructuring possibilities include principal reduction, extending your term or even lower interest rates. We will do our very best to find the best solutions for you specific needs.
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Debt Solutions Service

Established in 2013, Debt Solutions Service is a financial consulting firm that began in the midst of one of the worst financial downturns in American history. We have been able to help thousands of families and businesses overcome this adversity and realize their true financial freedom. Founded in one of the worst hit states of the economic crisis, Nevada, we know how to harness our capabilities to help you recognize the challenges ahead of you as we begin this journey and also help you to realize your destiny. We pride ourselves on a great team of negotiators and attorney’s all built into one flat fee. Simply, this is a service that doesn’t get you back into debt just to get out of it!

Debt Solutions Service, established in 2013, is a financial consulting firm, located in ten states. See our map for more details. Headquartered in Nevada, with a Client Service Center conveniently located in Summerlin.

We specialize in helping with services such as:
  • Credit Card Debt Settlement and Resolution
  • Medical Debt
  • Small, Medium and Corporate Business Debt Resolution and Consolidation  
  • Pay Day Loan Settlement and Resolution
  • Debt Consolidation Assistance
  • Private Student Loans Settlement
  • Student Loan Balance and Payment Restructuring
  • I.R.S. Tax Liens
  • State, City and County Tax Liens Resolution and Offer and Compromise
  • Residential Home and Commercial Mortgage Restructuring

We aim to keep you debt free with the best possible outcomes by negotiating directly with the investor and bypassing the middle man!
Consumer Debt Resolution and Settlement offered in Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida and Georgia.
Business Debt Resolution and Settlement available in All 50 States.

About Us

We are a unique consulting firm focused on honesty and integrity and we strive to provide the best customer satisfaction possible.
With us, bid adieu to bait and switch techniques employed by many others. By keeping it simple and effective, we provide you with solutions for all debt-related issues. Unlike other firms that charge excessively even for consultation, we offer you a free first-time consultation, so that you can know what your primary solutions are, free of cost.

Our Services



Don’t give up just yet! Despite what you may have heard, filing for bankruptcy is NOT the only solution, and may not be the best move for your future.


Just like individuals, businesses sometimes fall into financial difficulty. When a company has too much debt there is a still a way forward.


Bad credit can seriously hinder your plans for the future. Talking to an expert about the effects of debt on your credit is the first step to a better path.


Debt Solutions Service staff were so kind to me. I was going through such a bad time in my life and the constant fighting…

Don’t give up just yet! Despite what you may have heard, filing for bankruptcy is NOT the only solution, and may not be the best move for your future.


Being in debt isn’t easy. There are numerous hassles, tensions and worries to handle with no easy way out. Companies and individuals with extreme debt obligations use the process of debt resolution and restructuring to alter the terms of their debt agreements in hopes of achieving real, lasting benefits. Debt Solutions Service can help you do the same while avoiding things like loan consolidation that only keep you in debt.

What DSS Offers


Bankruptcy is a major life event on par with death and divorce. Debt Solutions Service opts for the investor Direct Method (IDM) to solve debt problems instead. With this approach we represent you in direct communication with the investor to negotiate matters and restore your finances faster than bankruptcy – all without approaching the Federal Court.

Business-Debt Consulting

America runs on small business and we are proud to empower these firms with the same tools used by the big guys. Our approach will re-organize, and restructure your company’s debts or payables and sign an accord with the holder of your company debt. If the owner of this out-going-debt understands that your situation is re-workable, then a consolidation solution can be achieved.


Credit Counseling may look attractive given your situation, but it may not get to the heart of your issue: Too much debt! If your debt situation feels too complex to handle then Debt Solutions Service can provide you with a real solution.

Debt Resolution

It is a process by which a holder or the person obligated to pay tries to settle on debts that are owed but cannot be met with obligations. This ensures reduction in the repayable amount, to be regarded as a complete payment, agreed upon by both debtor and creditor.


Losing your home becomes apparent in the case of an extreme foreclosure crisis. The professionals at Debt Solutions Service will aid in maneuvering through the entire process to help you look out for a better alternative than selling your homes.

Short Sale Process

Short Sale allows the bank to sell your home and take less than what is owed on the home. Though this seems to be a viable option, pros and cons must be measured with the help of a legal attorney, in keeping other alternatives in mind.

Investor Direct Method (IDM)

It becomes difficult to negotiate with the banks that prefer foreclosure for their benefits. Though IDM, Debt Solutions Service will cut through the bank and reach directly to the investors for negotiation. The banks will still continue to service the product. Hence, it becomes a win-win situation for all.


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