You cannot watch TV, drive down the highway, or listen to a radio station without the mention of bankruptcy as an alternative to debt and financial problems. The truth is that while it is an alternative, it is not the only or best option out there. Bankruptcy is tricky and the time it takes to completely recover and gain your life back is years.

At Debt Solutions Service, we tend to think of ourselves as the alternative to it. With our method – the Investor Direct Method or IDM, we can negotiate on behalf of our clients (you) and go directly to the investor. They make the final determination on what terms to take. In addition to negotiating directly with the investor, The IDM method will help you get over your financial hurdles a lot quicker so that you can move on with your life. When compared to filing a chapter 13 or chapter 7, the IDM method does not put you in the Federal court system. You are out of the courts, and your credit can be restored quicker than the time it takes to go through the entire process. While many lawyers offer bankruptcy as a real option- The only true alternative to bankruptcy is the IDM developed by the Debt Solutions Service. Think of it as organic food, better for you in the long run and the positive effects will last long after the debt has dealt with. For information and facts on a BK, don’t go to a bankruptcy Lawyer as your only option, sign up for the free webinar and get the real facts, pros, and cons on the IDM method and why it is a real alternative to filing BK today!

Bankruptcy in the US has been hit extremely hard in the nation’s foreclosure crisis. A lot of families have been devastated and often look to bankruptcy lawyer as their only alternative or way out. If you are one of those families or individuals that have been hit by the recession and you are looking at bankruptcy as an alternative, then do you homework and gather the facts. It can stay on your record for 7 years from the time you have completed the requirements. Oftentimes people have explored other alternatives to bankruptcy such as debt restructuring, debt settlement, negotiating with the creditors or servers, or even completing a short sale if they own their own home.

Bankruptcy is an alternative but it is not the best alternative. For real solutions, sign up for the free webinar to get the real facts on the pros, cons, and other valuable information.