Business Debt Restructuring and Settlement

It’s no secret that businesses constantly face challenges. Many companies struggle to find the right personnel or regulate their cash flow and many businesses face difficult decisions to keep the doors open.

If you feel like your company’s in a hole with debt, then business debt restructuring might be right for you.

But what is business debt restructuring?

Business debt restructuring is the renegotiation and/or settlement of your business debt.

Business debt restructuring and settlement takes your current business debt and structures it within your means, so you can get back on your feet.

The goal in any business debt restructuring is to negotiate the best possible outcome for the business and help you get back on track.

Normally, with just a little bit of reorganizing and restructuring, your debts and company payables can be prioritized and an arrangement agreed upon with the holder of the debt.

You may ask: What size or type of business would business debt restructuring be right for?

The answer is: Debt restructuring can be appropriate for companies ranging from sole proprietorships and small companies to mid to large-size companies when done correctly with the advice of professionals.

As a business owner, you expect results and may be skeptical based on your personal experiences dealing with creditors directly.

The truth is: Creditors are more likely to work with you if they understand that your situation is being handled by professionals, whether you’re still trying to run your business or just get past the debt that’s keeping you from moving on.

The professionals at Debt Solutions Service are experts in negotiating on behalf of business owners.

Our principal staff and qualified employees have over 70 years of combined debt collection law and banking experience.

If you find yourself with too much corporate or business debt there ARE solutions to save your business, your time and your peace of mind.

Businesses are THE backbone of America and we are dedicated to helping keep as many open as possible.

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