Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling Services

You’ve all seen it before… ads on TV, billboards, radio, signs, etc. all over town advertising credit counseling and what it can do for you if you are underwater or you can’t pay your bills on time. Credit counseling is where a third party assists you in setting the money aside for your monthly obligations and oftentimes they will contact creditors on your behalf and make payment arrangements. While credit counseling sounds like a great solution and sometimes it is the right solution or answer, there are times when it is not the right thing to do. Here are some instances where credit counseling may not be right for you:

• If you are so behind on your debt, that simply tweaking and making minor adjustments won’t get you out of your financial situation

• If your terms were so poor that only a real restructure will provide the solution

• If you’re debt situation is so complex, that simply contacting the lender is not enough

If any of these situations sounds familiar, and that is the situation that you are in, then contact Debt Solutions Service for a real solution and alternative to credit counseling. (702) 570-1100 or toll free (877) 889-3469.

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