Credit Repair


We are one of the cities that have been hit hard by the economic down-turn and it is not getting better for a lot of people in the US.  The truth is that many people who were experiencing great success and rising property values only a few years earlier are now faced with a very different reality. The money is not flowing in like it used to, where unemployment was at about 4-5 percent, it is now hovering at over 10 percent. Some estimates have it as high as 12-13 percent or more as presented by the United States department of labor non-participation rate. Needless to say, anytime a city has been hit this hard with unemployment, it impacts their standard of living as well as their credit- that’s a given.  What can a person do who is faced with the need for credit repair and how can they pick up the pieces and try to rebuild and regain their life? While there are a lot of companies out there that advertise credit repair as a magic cure, the truth is that it is not and oftentimes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

True credit repair can only come from rebuilding your credit and that comes from making payments or negotiated arrangements with your existing obligations. If you think that you can simply ignore the debt and it will go away, that doesn’t happen. As long as the credit is considered outstanding, it will haunt you.  If you look at the need for credit repair as a symptom, and the root of the problem is holding outstanding debt and credit obligations,  then in order to do real credit repair, you must restructure or negotiation your current obligations. When you do that, then your credit score will adjust up and in time things will get better. Credit repair will occur anywhere from 1-3 months, potentially longer depending on the complexity of the negative item. Look at it this way, it didn’t happen overnight and it’s not going to get fixed overnight. Debt Solutions Service can assist you with all of your credit or debt issues, from being late on your mortgage, short-sale, foreclosure, judgments, car payments, credit cards, small business or corporate debt. We can help. Call our offices at (702) 570-1100 or toll free (877) 889-3469 to schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation assessment today.

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