With very little inventory and thousands of homes in what we call shadow inventory (held by the banks just waiting for release), many cities are having what seems like an increase in property values coupled by artificially produced shortage of homes for sale. The foreclosures that have happened and a result of people not being able to afford their mortgages and simply walking away from their homes rather than search for an alternative. Although a foreclosure in any city can have devastating effects, having to face the difficult decision of walking away from you home and letting the bank take it often takes years to recover.

When your home is in a city that is suffering from the national economy, it is significantly harder to pick up the pieces and start over. That’s where Debt Solutions Service comes in. The professionals at Debt Solutions Service are experts in helping people and families maneuver through the difficult process of what to do once it becomes apparent that losing your home becomes a bitter reality. For the real facts on what your options are if you are thinking about foreclosure please call us first so we can evaluate your options. Toll free (877) 889-3469.